Company owner John Anderson is a professional licensed pyrotechnician for public display fireworks and is currently designing a modular firing system for the industry.  This system will be very simple to operate - the ability to operate 1 single pushbutton is all that is required to control a large electrically-fired fireworks show.  This system provides up to 12,800 individually-controlled 200 volt firing switches for beautifully choreographed fireworks displays.  This page will be expanded as this product becomes available.

  Example of 50 cue firing module.

   Wiring Roman candles and mines.

  Another view of the complex fireworks show being prepared.

  Wiring a small show in Lacey, WA.

  Large shells being prepared for evening show.

  It works!

  John Anderson (center) wiring up a fireworks show for the City of Lacey, WA - July 2002.  Photo Courtesy "The Olympian" July 3, 2002.

Recent Pyro Show Video - Friday October 29 2004:

Here is a video of Toledo High School Homecoming Fireworks show.  The video is taken from the audience bleachers, and gives a feel of the audience enthusiasm and excitement during the show.  Due to constraints of the filming location the entire sky couldn't fit into the video frame, but a good part of the show is visible.  Remember, this is just a small, 5 minute high school show with many 2" and 2-1/2" shells, but it shows what can happen when a few 3" and 4" shells are thrown in as well.  This show was setup and fired by John Anderson & Family, with generous volunteer setup assistance by Bill Bouschor & Chris Klickman.  Thanks Everybody!!