Examples of Recently Completed Projects

  Dual switching power supply - 50 Watts in 1 square inch - fully programmable outputs 2 to 24 volts.

  Quad switching power supply- 100 watts in 2.2 square inches

  3-phase servo motor drive module RS-485 interface - 100 watts in 7 sq. inches

  Brushed DC servo motor drive module RS-485 interface - 75 watts in 7 sq.in.

  Intelligent switching 150 watt power supply with 6 regulated outputs and CE approved emergency stop controls for machinery.

  Pneumatic control module.  RS-485 interface, 2 precision regulated air pressure outputs (adjustable under computer control to .015 psi resolution), 8 three-way air switches, and 3 precision air guages (accurate to 0.25%).

  Company owner John Anderson sits with the Loomis LSD-200 wafer scriber at an installation for a customer on the East Coast.  Starflight designed the servo control system, control system software and some of the mechanical features of this machine for Loomis Industries (www.loomisinc.com).  This machine uses a Machine Vision system provided by the Matrox Imaging Library (www.matrox.com) as well as a video frame grabber card from Sensoray (www.sensoray.com).  Cameras are supplied by Sentech (www.sentechamerica.com).  Some of the servo systems are powered by chips from KAE  (www.jrkerr.com) and the cameras are supplied by Optem (www.thales-optem.com).

  Another Loomis wafer scriber - an early prototype for Loomis Industries.

Current project underway is an automated diamond polishing machine with a 2000 watt motor power supply with a regenerative braking system.
Starflight is completely designing the motor control system as well as the control system software.  Control adjustments are achieved via a glass panel touchscreen or via Ethernet connection.