Design Services

Advanced Software Design Capabilities:  Microsoft Visual Studio 6 thru 2013, All forms of Ansi "C", C++, Python, Java, etc.

Platforms for Control Systems:  We have written drivers and top-end applications for MS-DOS to Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, Linux, as well as Apache Web Page servers.  We make sure any control system software will be as flexible as possible to run on any required platform computer - from desktops to single board computers.

Machine Vision Systems:  In addition to our own custom vision system software, we are very experienced with Matrox Imaging Library (MIL5 thru MIL10) package as well as frame grabbers from Matrox  and Sensoray.  GigE cameras and acquisition systems are also a specialty.

Precision Mechanical Design: We are experienced in holding very tight tolerances for motion control systems.  Typical final positioning tolerances for the Loomis wafer scribers are on the order sub-micron over 200mm of stage travel, with a local positioning resolution of 100nm or less.

CAD - CAM - Simulation Software (partial list): AutoCAD, Solidworks, MathCAD, MatLab, Simulink, OrCad, LTSpice and EAGLE schematic/PCB layout software.  We can simulate your system design completely (including mechanicals, electronics and optics) before any construction begins.

Microcontroller Design Capabilities:  Very experienced with Freescale Kinetis, ARM, Microchip PIC , Zilog ezZ80F91, Atmel,  AVR.   All major compilers on hand for all types of embedded microcontrollers.

Printed Circuit Boards:  All standard technologies supported.  We can design and manufacture through-hole as well as Surface Mount Technology (SMT)  boards, single layer through 16 layer boards supported.  Special shapes, cutouts, gold contact fingers, etc. are always accommodated.

Test Equipment:  Power supplies, Digital Voltmeters, NIST traceable Voltage References, pressure gauges, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Frequency Counters, Microscopes and some RF testing equipment is on hand.  If your project requires specialized test equipment we can build, rent or purchase whatever is required to get the job done right.

Documentation:  We generate and maintain parts lists for each individual project, plus step-by-step software change notes.  These lists are compatible with Microsoft Access and Excel.