MiniPak50 Firing System

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Here's the small, rugged and economical firing system you've been looking for!  Whether you need a small 50 shot system as a backup for your larger system, or you just need a system for handling those smaller shows, this little 50 shot box will handle it all.  This firebox is compatible with ALL Starflight Outboxes, Extension & Slat Rail systems.

This box is designed from the ground up to operate in hot, cold, wet, & icy conditions.  Several layers of redundancy are built in - in other words, in case part of the box circuitry fails, you can setup the system to work several emergency  modes.  So if the show ~must~ shoot at 10pm, you can shoot at 10pm.

Several self-diagnostics are built into the box so that you can verify the operation of the touch probe system as well as internal circuitry.

Main Features:

bullet50 Shot touch pad firing system with rugged REPLACEABLE rust-proof contact points
bulletStatus LED lamps for Power, Continuity, Probe Touch, Arm, and Battery Charge Level
bulletNO GROUND WIRE required.  Fire all 50 cues with economical "25 Pair Telco" cable
bulletEXPAND your 50 shot box to 100 or 200 cues by adding a simple "ABCD" switch to output cable
bullet"Anti-Spark" intelligent probe contact circuitry maximizes the life of probe and contacts
bulletSafety probe circuit system allows firing into direct short circuit without damage
bulletRugged one-piece, waterproof urethane-coated circuit board construction
bulletIndustrial-grade circuitry throughout, rated for -40F to +170F temperature range
bulletBuilt-in 4 Amp Hour, 24 Volt battery Pack with Built In Automatic Battery Charger
bulletBuilt in Battery Charge gauge shows the status of firing battery
bulletBattery gauge tests battery current under firing load condition, it is NOT just a simple voltmeter
bulletExternal 24 Volt battery input connector for backup power source
bulletFiring box is compatible with Starflight High Voltage power boxes for cues with over 100 ematches
bulletCompatible with "California/Kim" type firing systems (Adapter required, please call).

Model MP50A Price: $675.  Includes Probe & Battery Charger

Starter Package "A" Price  $999.  Includes Probe, Charger, 2ea. 75' cables and a 50 Cue X-Y Outbox Set.

Other packages available.

Lead time: Stock to 2~4 weeks, please order before "Fourth of July" rush if possible (June 1 thru July 3).


These products are sold to professional pyrotechnic display operators only.

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