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Let Starflight Electronics help you design your next electronics circuit, machine vision system or turnkey electronics product.  The company's owner, professional electronics engineer John Anderson (BSEL, CalPoly, '85), has over 30 years experience designing all sorts of precision motion control systems for semiconductor process equipment, machine vision systems, advanced network timing systems, precision pyrotechnic and explosive firing systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, and precision metrology.

Principal Partner John Petrash (BSEE, University of Illinois, '85) has over 30 years extensive experience in custom industrial PLC motor controls, Wired and Wireless remote monitoring systems, Human-Machine interfaces, SCADA systems, food packaging technology, precision pyrotechnic control system for both public display and industrial explosive initiators, advanced tool design and systems software safety testing / quality control. Mr. Petrash holds two patents in the area of industrial packaging systems.

From initial concept feasibility studies to "one off" prototypes to small and large production runs, Starflight can get the job done with the creativity required to keep your products the best in their class.

All contract engineering is done under a "Non-Disclosure" contract and the customer receives a full set of design drawings, schematics, parts lists, software source code, etc.  Payment rates and schedules are determined by project complexity.  Assistance with installation and training at the customer's site is also available.  We can perform design and testing here at our labs or at your site, and we can bill by the hour or by the project.  No job is to large or small.

We welcome discussing your needs for small or large projects.  Whether your project takes a day, month or 3 years to complete, we will put our best effort into to coming up with the overall best solution to get the job done right.

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Notable References:

Starflight has done many, many projects over the years for Loomis Industries, Inc. ( St. Helena, CA  Starflight Electronics has designed the control systems, software and precision machine vision systems for the Loomis MKT, PKR and LSD-100, 110 and 155  series of semiconductor wafer scribers.

Cascade Networks in Longview Washington

Entertainment Fireworks, Inc. (Olympia, WA is a customer of our precision pyrotechnics firing systems.

WatchMeGrow in Olympia, WA

US Dept of Defense

Illinois Tool Works, Chicago, Illinois.

Intrepid Control Systems, Madison Heights,  Michigan

...and many more.